What documents are needed to start building?


An excerpt from the land development plan
If the land is classified as construction and is already included in the land development plan, it is only necessary to fill the application for a excerpt from this plan. Such an application should be submitted to the Department of Architectural Municipal Office, where the land is located. The decision can get on the spot.

If the development plans do not include of the plot, it is necessary to submit an application for a decision on land development. Then the submitted application must be accompanied by a situation and elevation map, Extract from the register of land and project investments.

Building permit

The application for a building permit we make at the district office appropriate for the land on which we want to start building.

The application for the issue of the conditions of media delivery
We make this request in the appropriate plants: energy, water, sewer and gas.

Official construction

It must be carried out at every stage of the construction work. They are putting down all events during construction, and the overall workflow.
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