Project: House with the addition

Storey house are consisting of 3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, recreational room, a separate bathroom and toilet and a spacious living room. The living part is connected to the two garages, and the house was built utility room, elevation referring to the style of your home. House in olive green with elements of the facade made of stone and part of siding.

Price of the project: 4 500 PLN

The total cost of 756 000 PLN


Project: Glass houses

Storey house with an attic adapted to living quarters. Fronton of the building is made almost entirely of tempered glass. The house has two inputs from the back and the front. The main materials used in this project are a glass and wood. Sloping roof refers to the architecture of highland cottage.

Price of the project: 6 700 PLN

Total project cost: 410 000 PLN


Project: In the colors of nature

The cozy cottage is located in the suburbs. The house is on the foundation, which was decorated with stone. Elements of the facade finished wood. All in brown and olives color – referring to nature. The house provides a garage for one car.

Price of the project: 4 000 PLN

Total project cost: 450 000 PLN


Project: Lotus Flower

Storey building built in a pentagon of which each frame is a separate pentagonal pavilion. With pavilions lead corridors that connect to the central pavilion, which is also a living room. All pavilions have characteristic arcades, which can act as a small patio.

Price of the project: 8 000 PLN

Total project cost: 978 000 PLN