Project: House on the water

The modern, two-storey building with an attic adapted to the bedrooms. The entire building is heated during the summer using solar cells, in this way the water is heated. The house has been designed as an intelligent building, allowing systems to be integrated heating, alarm and other panel management on the phone. Terrace is made of tempered glass; you can relax in the fresh air with your feet under the water pool. Similar feeling surrounding the water has been used in the project semicircular living room, which “sticks” in the pool like a promontory into the sea.

Price of the project: 7 400 PLN

The total cost of 1 450 000 PLN


Project: Maltese Villa

For one of our clients we designed waterfront villa, which was built in Malta. The house was made of clinker brick style compatible with the local fashion. The owner wanted to slightly allude to the castle; hence one of the elements of the project has become a bastion. On the seaside of villa it extends a spacious terrace with overlooking to the beach.

Price of the project: 6 500 PLM

The total cost of 760 540 PLN

Project: House of tail

The house was divided into two parts connected by lacing. On the front part consists of a spacious living room with a mezzanine above the entrance. Body extends through the entire length of the first part of the building. Large windows take up both the east and west wall. Decorative elements of the facade refer Classicist palaces of the eighteenth century. The second part of the building is “living part” – there are bedrooms.

Price of the project: 6 700 PLN

The total cost of 845 000 PLN

Project: Italian stone

The inspiration for this house was an Italian Renaissance villa. The two-storey building in the summer is powered by solar energy. The facade was finished stone. Roofs have small honeydew with red tile roofs and gutters of the same color. In addition to fitting in perfectly in a home garage is also provided for two cars.

Price of the project: 5 600 PLN

The total cost of 760 000 PLN