The projects of offices and other commercial interiors designed by Maciej Ziemca, are presented below.

If you are interested in the services of our company in the field of interior design so private as well as commercial proceedings following statement:

1. Send the request and your phone number and e-mail (see CONTACT tab).

2. Within a period 3 working days, our trader will contact with you and will arrange a meeting with the project team.

3. At the meeting, you will present the requirements for the interior, it will be a good indication if you bring with you photos of the interior, which you interesting.

4. The project team will prepare proposals for the three arrangements: according to your concept, according to their ideas and the third being a combination of both.

5. Next the meeting takes presentation and project selection. If you are still not satisfied – we repeat the procedure.

6. After approving the project team is preparing the interior.

7. Settlement of it may occur every time after the completion of the stage or at the end of cooperation.