Arkadiusz-FiguraMariusz Figura – Mariusz with Iwona create a department of furniture in “Bobry”. Draw inspiration from the surrounding reality, with Mariusz is definitely a supporter of the project far-reaching nature. His favorite material for furniture is – wood. Mariusz hardly parted with the camera, because he says he never knows when he sees something inspiring.



Iwona Moczulska – this is our most recent acquisition. She brought to the furniture designs a new freshness. Iwona loves traveling and it is the image of the distant corners of the world is her biggest inspiration. Iwona loves to mix and match different materials. She likes to experiment with new plastics, which is why her designs exude freshness.


Aneta-MichalskaAneta Michalska – director of architectural, she is responsible for all projects coming from our company. She graduated architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology. She started working in our company from the practice, but its creativity and aesthetic sense led her to the chair director.