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    Beavers in the animal kingdom real experts in the field of complex structures, just by these clever animals, our company took its name. We deal in all kinds of structures for the construction of

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      Mariusz – Iwona – Aneta

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    • Mariusz – Iwona – Aneta

      Mariusz – Iwona – Aneta

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Emergency locksmith services

  In your house was a burglary? Have you lost key and you need a door or locks replacement immediately? Just look at this website with professional locksmith services- emergencydoorreplacement.co.uk.     – Within 15 minutes

The failure of installation – if renovation is necessary?

Failure of water – sewage system often means the need to do the repair at house that could cost a lot. It also happens that it is necessary to perform the entire installation from scratch. Smaller losses could be certainly associated with

Turkish interiors design

Interior design in the Turkish style does not always have to be rich, overflowing with additives. The newest fashion are arrangements in a more minimalist style with additives stylized on Turkey. If you do not know how they looks like, you can

Flooring in the house

It is hard to imagine a house without flooring. When you decide what kind of floor do you want to have in each room, it is high time to buy all necessary materials and start working. Have you got problems with such building tasks? You are not

Types of horizontal boilers

The heater of hot water have two general types of construction: horizontal and vertical. The second one is much more popular than horizontal, however horizontal boilers also find use. The boilers have very complicated construction. For that

The most likely reasons of leakages from the pipes

If you can see that wall near the pipes are moist and even wet, you probably have problem with leakages from the pipes. The most likely reasons of this situation are below: pipes became corroded fittings of pipes are too loose pipes are cracked

Regular maintenance of boiler is essential of its proper operation

Regular maintenance of boiler is very important action in every home and bathroom. More informations about this service you can find on this site: www.mdsplumbingandgas.co.uk/boiler-repairs-servicing. Without maintenance boiler is vulnerble to

How to maintain home sanitary installation

Sanitary maintenance is essential. These must be performed once every 10 years to prevent major accidents. Maintenance consists mainly of replacing corroded system components and its comprehensive cleaning. To do this, use the services of a



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